Monday, October 29, 2007


Είμαι σε μια φάση που έχω την πρόκληση να είμαι χαρούμενος όταν θα’ πρεπε να είμαι λυπημένος και το αντίθετο. Πρέπει να το κάνω, αλλιώς, δημιουργούνται αυθαίρετες διχοτομήσεις στη ροή του χρόνου. Θέλω να νιώσω πιο κοντά σε μια αληθινή ανθρωπινότητα, όπως αυτή εκδηλώνεται με φυσικό τρόπο και όχι όπως τη φαντάζομαι.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Προσπάθεια αυτοματισμού

θυμάμαι τους στίχους των Μπιτλς στο Help μετά σκέφτομαι τα ανηψάκια του Ντόναλντ μετά ένα ξάδερφό μου που φαίνεται να ξέρει πολλά πράγματα μετά ένα μαχαίρι, τα μαχαίρια που ζωγράφισε ο Αντι Γουόρχολ η επιφάνειά τους: υπνωτιστική. Τους στίχους του Ίαν Μπράουν For everything a reason τη λέξη καταστροφή συρματοπλέγματα καλλυμένες θέσεις όπου μένουμε μέσα και μιλάμε για τον Σοπέν Άντρες με μουστάκια
Τώρα το βίντεο απ' το seven nations army των White Stripes. Το μεγαλύτερο πρόβλημα του κόσμου, πως παντρεύονται οι άσχημοι άνθρωποι. Ή οι βλάκες. Τίποτα δεν πετυχαίνει να με κάνει να αισθανθώ καλά σήμερα. Ο Αδάμ μπροστά στο δέντρο. Και λίγα τους έκανα.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

no fun

The things I do with my life never fail to leave me alone at the end. At the end of the road it's me in front of the t.v. feeling medium sick at the stomach.
Maybe I should get married. But I suspect this would mean I would lose half a sofa, the remote control, and the long strolls down the road. I have in mind a play by Nicolai Gogol in which the almost married guy escapes from the window before getting engaged. And I remember what Oscar Wilde wrote, that men get married out of boredom and women out of curiosity(about what?), something like that.
Anyway, the posibility of an one-night-stand has complitely dissapeared, never to be heard again. As far as the women in the bars I go are concerned it's not a possibility. This leaves me in an awkward possition since it's been my ideal.

Yesterday. I did some de-tox, not from drugs, but from food. I had a tomato for lunch, well salted. By 5 o' clock I was hungry again and I had some milk, low fat.
There's nothing on the telly and I'm bored. I want to buy a computer, but right now, I can't afford it. My brother is unemployed for five months. When he finds a job, he'll buy a computer and I'll get the old one. It's the one I'm using right now. It has a 40 gigabytes hard disc, maybe I'll buy another one and it should be o.k. I expect that the quality of porn I watch will be dramaticaly increased. But, also, I'm thinking that I get bored of most sites, like You-tube, within one week.
O.k, I don't realy watch that much porn.

Isn't this a great picture? This is not me. It's a work by Jeff Wall(I think), a famous artist I like, for those who don't know him.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

in addition

My brother took this picture of Saturn last night

First Contact - From Distance

There Are Some Things That Are good in my life and some Things That Are bad.
Anyway, I saw this painting, by Chagal, these days, and I liked it. It's called "Birthday".